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Judah Africa Revival Ministry

AnsaCall™ pro-bono community training initiative

On the 8th September 2015, AnsaCall™ had the privilege of hosting the first pro-bono training session for delegates from the Judah Africa Revival Ministry group.

In our bid to make a difference in our community, we at AnsaCall™ have taken it upon ourselves to provide the best telephone training course to candidates from a disadvantaged background who could benefit from the knowledge gained and apply it in their everyday environment or use to enrich their CV’s for possible employment opportunities.

Judah Africa Revival Ministry operates from the Kya Sands area in Johannesburg. They offer counselling, discipleship programmes, build bible schools and help people, especially from the surrounding Kya Sands informal settlement, with basic necessities. The ministry also sends out disaster management teams to help out in the event of a shack fires, floods and other unforeseen disasters.

Judah Africa Shack Fire

At AnsaCall™ we believe in the power of the community and how, when working together, people can achieve a change for the better. Our telephone etiquette training program is focused on equipping the individual who attends this course, with all the relevant skills needed not only in telephonic communication but in their office etiquette as a whole. Having over 26 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and providing professional Message-on-Hold and auto-attendant recordings, AnsaCall™ has also been involved in providing the telephone etiquette training to paying clients.

Training writing

Our first group for the pro-bono training initiative included the volunteers from Judah Africa. These men and women work tirelessly and often without any compensation to help people in need. Their passion for ministry and God is commendable and something everyone could take a lesson from.

The volunteers have never had the experience of sitting and recording in a real-life recording studio before. Needless to say they were a tad nervous but enjoyed the overall experience.

Having finished the training they all got their certificates and were extremely pleased, saying they will frame them and put them up.

Having had the opportunity to benefit the Judah Africa Revival Ministry in this small way, we at AnsaCall™ look forward to reaching more people and organisations in need of this training.

For more information please email us at training@ansacall.co.za or for Judah Africa please contact Carla at carla.jacd@vodamail.co.za 






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