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Blogging for Business

The business sphere has changed dramatically over the last decade and went from the traditional billboard, magazine and television advertising to the all-consuming and interactive social media and content marketing.

Should all businesses follow suit? Well that is up to the culture of the organisation and of course those individuals that drive the company forward, but an immediate answer does come to mind, why not?

The best are always in front and leaders get the majority of the market, but following in the well-trodden steps of these trendsetters can still guarantee that your business will not be left behind.

Why would blogging and content marketing work for any business? Google as well as other search engines work off keywords that pick-up the most relevant content to display to people who are engaged in searching certain topics. Having more of the searched keywords with relevant content on your company website will increase the chances that your website will appear closer to the top of the search results and will therefore increase your website visits.  The process of attracting traffic to your website is all important in ensuring that potential clients get the exposure to your company first before they go to a competitor.

Should you always blog about your company and products or services? That depends, will your target market find these types of articles interesting? The whole point of content marketing is to navigate through the information overload and make a lasting impression on your potential clients, so try and keep your blogs and content interesting, more educational and less like a sales pitch, because your readers will recognise that and will not come back.

The best words of advice is to keep “fun” in mind when you are designing your website and any content that goes with it. Imagine yourself in your reader’s shoes and try to create attractive, interactive and engaging buttons, articles, pictures and videos on your website. It’s all about the impression!


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