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Image, is it everything?

Epic Fails

At AnsaCall™ we focus a large amount of energy on proper business and personal etiquette. In fact, we promote the notion that you are your own brand. Looking at the examples below, you will understand why focus so much on this!


A little late for her manicure appointment?
In need of a manicure?



You got it, flaunt it, but maybe not so much :)

Flaunting your stuff

We sure hope that their bosses don’t find this :)


Dressed up? More is not always better.


A personal service advertisement?

Personal advertsing

By all means , feel at home at the restaurant but this is just gross!

Dining out

Remember to look in the mirror next time before you leave the house!

see-through pants

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the general population!

too much tan and makeup

Not too sexy for her pants!

too sexy for her pants


Shopping must be a very hot activity for her!

hot shopping

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