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Ever fancied finding a pot of gold?

Wouldn’t it be nice if by chance, fate would bring you to the end of all financial troubles and hand you a pot of gold? Of course, most of us only dream of such fairytales but for the Schmitt family, from Florida USA, this dream has become a reality!


This family of treasure hunters were lucky to find $1 million worth of Spanish gold while diving off the coast of Florida on Monday, the 27Th July. The treasure is believed to be a part of the Spanish 1715 fleet of 11 galleons that were brought down by a hurricane, (Huffing Post Good News, 2015).

In South Africa we have our own such stories, chief of them being the mystery of the Kruger millions. Legend goes that president Paul Kruger and his government started taking all the native gold in from the mines and the banks before the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer war and that he hid a large part of this treasure somewhere in the Lowveld, between Mochadodorp and Waterval Onder. Many still believe that over 100 years on, that the treasure might still be buried somewhere for them to find.

So before we all go back to our daily lives and go about making money in our daily grind, we can take a minute to process this very exciting and intriguing piece of news.

Let’s hope the Schmitt family has a good message-on-hold system to answer all their incoming calls now that they have the treasure! 




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