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Have fun at work and forget the Monday Blues

How many of us always complain about Mondays and the workload lying ahead? Most wish it was already Wednesday, and by the time we get to Friday the smiles are out and we have a boost of renewed energy.

Being productive at work may not be your idea of fun but if you have big career aspirations, it definitely should be. On the Forbes list of 30 under 30, a list of the richest people under the age of 30 years, the common thread is that all these individual have a genuine passion for what they do and have a solid work ethic that runs well into the early morning hours past 1am.

Hard to imagine, for the majority of clock-watchers knocking-off at 16h00 in the afternoon the feat of reaching the end of the work day is exhausting enough, especially on a Monday! If you are guilty of living for Fridays then you may be a victim of the Monday blues, and that will not help you in your career or your personal life in the least. How do the leaders in industry keep motivated and maintain such high stress and pressure? The key factor is having fun and loving what you do on a daily basis.

Fun is can be derived from your individual perspective; how you see the world and situations around you will impact how you will feel at the end of the day. If you leave a large amount of work unfinished on a Friday then you will likely feel rather unhappy come Monday morning for the pressure of having to complete outstanding tasks. Being challenged with new tasks and ideas can be perceived as stressful or can be looked at as a new opportunity to grow and advance.

Most successful individuals say that if you are comfortable then you have stopped learning and growing as an individual, so seeking a comfort place to avoid stressful situations will limit your growth and opportunities.

As having fun at work is a matter of perspective, allowing oneself to schedule such work related tasks that elicit fun and contribute to productivity throughout the day will increase the chances that you will look forward to the day and in-fact will wish you had more time so you could do more. That of course does not imply ignoring those tasks that require priority and you are less than enthused about performing, but spreading those activities which you enjoy doing at work strategically throughout the day will keep you motivated and keep you looking good in front of your superiors.

Fun, fun, fun, we only have one life so let’s enjoy it as much as we can in every situation. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing then change it. Your life is full of your choices to take the chances to make the changes.

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