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October 1st and there are Christmas trees around?

It's too early for Christmas decorations... but not too early to send us your message updates!

It is barely October but Checkers has already rolled out their full Christmas display in-store and other malls and stores are bound to follow. Soon, wherever you go there will be obvious reminders that your hard-earned money has to end-up in the cash registers of the many different stores all vying for their piece of your wallet.

No doubt, Christmas has been commercialized for generations, with most children growing-up expecting presents and not even thinking of going to church, but when is it considered too early to start decorating for Christmas?

1st of September

For some, the year is still very much in full swing and any thoughts about leisure and holidays would be absurd, however, that’s when some eager-beavers like to strike and capitalize on their early Christmas roll out. But now, not only are we in September, we are also in South Africa, which means that we just went through our stretch of inter and as the weather starts warming-up, is it really appropriate to call tabs on fat, highly overdressed Santa Clause Christmas decorations?

1st of October

If the stores held out for this long then we can at least say thanks for letting us celebrate spring day and Heritage day without inappropriate Christmas reminders, but now we are still 2 months away from the actual Christmas day. To be fair, most of us would need to start planning on what we are going to do and how we are going to afford to live until the end of January on our early December salary, but still, do we really need to walk around fake plastic forests and listen to jingle bells for the next three months?


1st of November

Now we are in the safe zone. If you haven’t thought about your Christmas vacation yet, then you might be too late and now you only have 2 paydays left to cover for the impending cost the present are going to bring.

But November is the penultimate month before the end of the year, we can afford to slow down a little and enjoy the upcoming holidays, savor the decorations and spend time thinking about the Christmas lunch.

If the malls and shops around your area have held out for this long (which is highly unlikely), you owe them a debt of gratitude. In –fact, go spend that extra R100 on one of their specials, give them the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing something right!

For the rest of us, we most probably endured the Christmas vibe for the previous two months and would very much like to kick the fat grandpa in the red suit down the chimney which he is climbing into and show that smiley snowman some African sun.

Let Christmas come!

Now that we have taken out our frustrations without the fear of prosecution for vandalism by reading and identifying with these current trends, let part with some encouragement. Let Christmas be something special, do not buy into the hype and the sales drives. Let it bring you closer to your family, closer to peace and ultimately closer to God.

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