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July Telephone Etiquette Training

On Wednesday 22nd July we hosted our monthly training session with delegates from DQS, Imperial Toyota City, McCarthy Toyota Midrand, Audi Centre Westrand as well as Takeover Regulation. As usual the session was fun and exciting for our participants. The highlight of the day was getting the chance to record their own message in our professional recording studio with the producer guiding them through the process. For many it was their first time experiencing the studio environment and they all had fun listening to their recordings when they were done.

Telephone etiquette is something many take for granted in this day and age, focusing a large portion of their energy on appearance, but as our participants experienced on Wednesday, telephone manners and the sound of the voice greeting a client on the other side of the line have a significant impact on client satisfaction as well as client loyalty to the business and the brand. That is the reason why AnsaCall™, having been in business for the past 26 years, has been providing telephone etiquette training with the unique opportunity to record and listen to one’s voice in studio. The realisation of what you sound like on the phone to the client on the other side of the line is the single most motivating component of the course spurring the candidates on to improve their telephone manners.

The next telephone etiquette training is going to happen on the 19th August and seats are fast running out. Book with us online or send us an email at training@ansacall.co.za.



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