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News, News, News

In searching for a subject for my blog post, I opened the news section on Google. Wow, are we in trouble or what?

Refugee child found dead on the beach in Turkey; a Johannesburg mother fighting a hijacker to save her baby’s life; SPCA confiscating and subsequently euthanizing over 140 animals from a KZN resident! What is happening to South Africa and the world in general?

One can cry about how unfair life is, but you needn’t go far to find someone with a much worse fate than your own.

Bad news sells, it creates hype and steals our attention from our own lives to focus on these terrible events. It not only spreads like wild-fire but also desensitizes us to these horrible events.

How can we carry on while this is all happening? Is there nothing to be done? Not so! As Michael Jackson once sang “I’m starting with the man in the mirror”!

Start making a change at your workplace

If you see a co-worker struggling to pay the bills month on month, why not surprise her with a small bag of groceries? You can even ask others to start a donation scheme.

Make a difference by using your time

How often has your church, club or community asked you to help and lend a hand? It doesn’t cost you anything but you can donate a couple of hours a week of your time to make someone else’s life better!

Make a personal change

We all tend to focus on our own problems, “oh I don’t get paid enough” or “I need a good friend” or best yet “my life is in ruins, I don’t even know where to start!”

Why not start with you? Should you not give yourself permission to make a personal change? Get up and do something good?

You are only responsible for yourself, no one else, so change the way you think. Stop with the victim mentality and start working on your attitude.


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