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Pro-bono Training Initiative by AnsaCall Telecoms

AnsaCall has rolled-out its corporate social responsibility initiative in the form of free telephone etiquette training for school leavers this year! The idea came from the evident lack of skilled personnel in the business and office environments. As a Message-on-Hold company, AnsaCall provides professional voice recordings for corporates throughout South Africa for the purpose of boosting those companies’ image, creating a seamless flow of communication for the callers and providing relevant and informative content to the callers about the business.

Although our service goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction, the callers are often still faced with a moody and difficult to understand receptionist on the other end. That is why all our clients get complimentary telephone etiquette training for their staff and that is how the idea of providing free telephone etiquette training for school leavers or unemployed individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds came-up.

At AnsaCall we strive to achieve the most professional audio-branding solution for our clients and so we thought that training the future receptionists before they get hired would be beneficial both from the business perspective and for the individuals who are looking to secure jobs in such capacities. Our aim is to help school leavers and the unemployed become more attractive candidates to potential employers and to raise the skills level in our community as well as the greater Gauteng regions.

So what does it all entail? Telephone etiquette training focuses largely on the manner as well as the attitude with which the caller is greeted when phoning in to a business. In today’s harsh economic environment our daily challenges can often reflect in our voice and mannerisms, often coming across as harsh and short-tempered. The way you make someone feel goes a long way in securing that client’s business and willingness to stay with your company. As all employees directly depend on the clients supporting their business, it goes without saying that the customer is king and should be treated with outmost respect and attention.

AnsaCall pro-bono telephone etiquette training initiative bridges the gap in the skill levels of potential recruits and what is required in the corporate business environment. Having the opportunity to benefit people’s lives by providing such training is the driving force behind this initiative. We are looking to help those individuals that would benefit the most from such training. School leavers and the unemployed are our main targets but anybody else who might benefit from it would not be turned away. We aim to achieve an 8 candidate classroom on a monthly basis!

If you or anyone else you know would like to be part of this initiative, please email us at training@ansacall.co.za. We look forward to bettering lives through skills development together with you!