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School holiday activities for kids

Schools are breaking-up today, children will be free from homework, routines and extra-mural activities. What are your plans to survive the holidays?

If you are lucky, you would have the opportunity to take leave and join your children for some well-deserved family holiday break in the mountains or the coast and post picture-perfect photos on Facebook, much to the envy of your friends. The rest of us are stuck with the bored and complaining children at home and if you are running out of ideas of how to keep them occupied, here are some suggestions that they could do even with the nanny at home:


Kids aged 1-3 years

  • Pretend grocery store:

Save some of your grocery packaging and use them for your toddler’s playtime.  Ricoffy tins, Milo cereal boxes, old Pantene shampoo boxes all make playtime fun and more realistic. Get the nanny to take out these items and seal them up with tape and glue so the boxes do not come apart. Toddlers love pretend play and especially pretend shopping activities. Ask the nanny to take your toddler “shopping” in the house for these items, they can use a small basket or a play trolley and your child can have an hour of fun with this activity while you are at work.

  • Obstacle course

Set-up a planned obstacle course that will be easy for the nanny to execute. Things that can be easy and fun are often cheap as well. You can use masking tape to illustrate a finish line. The finish line can be used for competitive games, even with your helper. Give your child a polystyrene cup almost full to the top with water and ask them to get to the finish line spilling as little water as possible along the way. You can also do the egg and spoon challenge, except use a boiled egg so it doesn’t make a mess and ask the child to hold the spoon in their hands rather than their mouth.

  • Jumping jack

Another fun obstacle for the course would be to outline some blocks along the route to the finish line and the task would be to jump over these blocks to get to the end.

  • Painting

Outdoor painting is fun and messy. It can take-up a good hour of your toddler’s time if they are involved and are encouraged during the activity. If you have bought a large piece of furniture that came in a box recently, use the box as a canvas outside. Set-up a small area, preferably with a small table outside where you can display the paints and brushes. Let your toddler, under the nanny’s supervision, paint the box in any way they like.

  • Messy play

Although not a new concept, messy play works every time, especially with the younger toddlers. You can even store the items for the next play session. Ask your helper to set-out a messy play station outside with bowls of different textured items. Toddlers love the feel of the different items and they love to mix the textures together. You can use dry macaroni, dried rice, flour, water, semolina, pap and paint. Put each item in a different bowl and let the children go wild.


Kids aged 4-7 years

  • Decoupage

This may seem like a daunting task to do with your younger children, but the point is that they want to impress you and they look for avenues to show their hard work and creativity. If you are going to leave this task up to the nanny you will need to show and teach her the basics first, however this should not be taken too seriously and the point is for your child to create a solid piece of work that they can impress you with. Buy a small decoupage frame or coasters. Print or provide them with magazines where they can find nice pictures. Get the decoupage modge-podge and paint as well as paint brushes and possibly encourage this task to be done outside.

  • Painting and colouring in

Print some easy to colour-in pictures on separate pieces of paper so your child can explore the different art media and use watercolours, acrylic paint, crayons and pencils.

  • Dress-up and make-up play

Scarves, hats, sunglasses and more make great props for dress-up fun. Create a dress-up box where your kids know that the items inside are for their use and invite the neighbour’s kids over to share in the fun.


If you have the opportunity to drop-off and pick-up your children at a holiday club that could be a wonderful option to encourage new friendships, build-up confidence and entertain your kids.


Most of all, remember to let your kids enjoy their childhood and use their imagination!