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Training Days

We have passed the half-year mark in 2015 and are fast going towards the end of the year again. With so many goals still to accomplish, what have you got left your resolution list? If you are like most individuals, you would have given-up halfway through February and life would gone back to its monotonous pace with not much change.


Lucky for some of us our employers take it upon themselves to motivate us and build us up as individuals (lol), some for the honest desire to create an effective workforce and the rest to secure a reasonable grant for their work skills plan submission from SSETA or another training accreditation body. Nonetheless, a large proportion of South Africa’s workforce receives regular training from their companies or from outsourced training agents, but what are we all doing with it?

Training and skills development is a complex task initiated by the government to help reduce unemployment and create a better workforce, but rather than making the most out of the free opportunities that we are given to better ourselves through training, most individuals look at training days as days off, away from work where you can get some nice free lunch and go home early. Sad but true.

So how can you make the most of the training which your employers provide? Well firstly the change starts with the attitude, steering away from the entitled and demotivated and going towards embracing every opportunity with a smile. You never know who you will meet at these sessions, who is to say that you are not sitting next to the very best opportunity for your career advancement?

When walking away from a full training session every trainer hopes that their trainees have taken in some practical knowledge and skills that they would be able to use in their work and everyday environment; the best way to really benefit from these sessions is to actually make these hopes come true and apply as much of what you have learned to see the results.

Let’s make 2015 the best year yet and make the most of it. See you at our next telephone etiquette training session on the 22nd July 2015! Training is free to all clients.