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You are sitting at a restaurant and then..

You are sitting at a restaurant and as you sip your foamy, delicious cappuccino , you can hear a conversation in a foreign language unfolding just behind your back. You don’t know what the people are saying and you can’t see what they look like but simply from listening to the sound of their voice, you begin to form opinions on their age, sex, their nature as well as more subtle cues such as their personality, attractiveness and demeanor.

The ability of humans to process and compute such information in a matter of seconds is all due to the highly evolved and advanced human brain. This ability is present in infants as they can recognize their mother’s voice and make a distinction between their mother and a stranger. The auditory cortex in the human brain contains ‘temporal voice areas’ and these areas have been shown to contain a particular sensitivity to voices as these areas respond more strongly to the human voice than to a range of amplitude modulated noise of frequency filtered sounds or even animal sounds , Belin P., and Grosbras, M.H. (2010).


What this tells us in laymen’s terms is that our brains are more inclined to prefer the sound of a human voice than any other sound which is both interesting from a psychological perspective and assigns greater value to voice communication. In-fact the trend with the upcoming Generation Z is to send voice notes instead of texting and could be linked to this innate preference in our brains.


It could be said that history always repeats itself and while the world is speeding towards a technology based environment and virtual reality, the good old fashioned phone call still stands the test of time both in achieving social fulfillment and business relationship results.

This is why AnsaCall™ has persevered in the face of change and modernization in providing the most necessary form of communication to callers in South Africa. With the corporates expanding, outsourcing and growing, the human-touch to business is often neglected for the benefit of a higher ROI. However, with just a simple welcome message recorded at AnsaCall™ by one of our professional voice artists, the business regains the caller’s trust, affection and loyalty, all in the first few seconds of the phone call.


Another effective service that we are proud to have been providing for over 26 years in South Africa and now recently with the addition of businesses in Nigeria and Ghana, is the Message-on-Hold service that is again based and centered around the human touch, recorded with the chosen voice artists for the production and installed to our client’s PABX’s to create a seamless service extension to their callers.


The value that is derived from this seemingly simple offering is greater than just filling-up dead air space while the callers wait on the line for service; it is in-fact one of the greatest communication opportunities that a business has with their specific target market who are calling them and are  listening intently for their call to be answered. An opportunity such as this is rare in this ever-cluttered world of advertising, not only from the traditional channels, which used to be easily able to be turned off, but now from applications that use augmented reality, such as Zappo, or even the subliminal marketing messages that are incorporated into most of our products, clothing and food.


Your captive audience awaits on your company’s service in those few seconds of holding time before a call is answered, so wouldn’t it be the most relevant option to say something good, exciting and encouraging about your company and products? With the research to back us up, we at AnsaCall™ believe in the power of the human voice and are proud to be serving corporates, businesses, shops and even kiosks in and around South Africa with quality voice recording productions.



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